Supporting Medical Professionals

Improved Patient Outcomes

As a medical professional, you work diligently each day to help your patients live healthier lives. Sometimes, based on patients' needed or physical requirements, the standard course of treatment just won't work for them. It is cases like these that Avadel strives to eliminate. Avadel is a different type of company that focuses not on the compound, but on the format in which the drug is taken. Avadel seeks to optimize formats for patient-specific needs, helping patients adhere to their prescribed medical treatment and see better results. Identifying the medication needed to treat a patient is difficult enough. It is our hope that no patient should ever have to struggle to take the medicine you prescribe, allowing for a fuller, healthier life.

Avadel Pharmaceuticals is on a mission to improve patient adherence and outcomes. When you trust our products, you are trusting a company committed to improving lives. We believe in patient-focused innovation, which in turn can result in a better experience at your office, hospital, or medical facility. Our specialized expertise equips us to deliver the products your patients need in the most effective way possible.